I’m super excited to announce that I am offering a monthly Free Gift to one of my VIP’s! If you aren’t a VIP yet; no worries you can become one! 🙂

Oh & so you don’t miss out on any chances to comment make sure you click on those three dots at the top of this page, then Notification Settings & Turn on ALL Notifications. That way you will see every post & you can quickly comment! (the truth is the more comments a post gets, the more it will be shown to my VIPs).

Here are the rules:

1. Each time I post (from right not on), leave a comment. It can be anything related to the post or even an emoji or Gif.

2. One comment per post will be counted. So you don’t want to miss posts! (Posts posted January 7th forward will count!)

That’s it… Seriously. I’ll keep track of your comments + announce a winner the first week of February. Then I’ll contact you to get you set up with your FREE GIFT!

Go & Start commenting! 🙂

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