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Do you want Scentsy products, but short on cash? Or Just looking for a fun way to earn some free products?

Host a Scentsy Facebook party with me!

It’s super simple; & I do almost all of the work. Now is the perfect time because you can help your friends find the perfect Christmas gifts!

All orders submitted before December 15th are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. So let’s get this party started!

What do I have to do as a host?

In short; you can do as little or as much as you want. You can be super involved; or let me do all of the work. Either way; you get all the perks!

1. Save the date

First, we will decide on a two week time frame for your party to run. We can start as soon as you’d like or wait a few weeks & schedule it out.

2. Invite your Friends

I will create a Facebook Group for your party & add you as an Admin. The only thing you do next is invite your friends & family into the group.

Don’t worry – there is no pressure, it’s just an invite. They can decline or join the party! It’s completely up to them.

3. I’ll do the rest

Really; all I need you to do is invite your friends. I can handle the rest. You can be as involved as you’d like or not at all.

(Here’s a list of things you could do in the group:)

  1. Post pictures of your favorite Scentsy products.
  2. Share your favorite fragrances & scents.
  3. Go Live & tell your friends why you love Scentsy.
  4. Recommend certain products to certain friends.
  5. Comment on my posts & tag the friends that you think will love it.
  6. Use your imagination – It’s all up to you.

Let the Party Happen

Over the next two weeks, I’ll post daily to the group. I’ll get your friends & family excited about the products. I’ll do all the promoting. You just watch your freebies stack up.

What are the perks?

I’m glad you asked! You can start earning those benefits as soon as your party hits 200$ in sales (that’s maybe four orders). You will be surprised at how much your friends love Scentsy!

Okay, I want to Host – What do I do next?

Reach out to me & let me know! There’s many ways to get in touch.

  1. Join my VIP group & post a comment or question.
  2. Send me an email: Jo@scentloves.com
  3. Send me a FB Message
  4. Fill out the quick Google Form here

Also – if you are interested in becoming a Scentsty Consultant, hosting a party is a great first start!

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